Career Corner

Edmonton Catholic Schools is offering a high school upgrading program at Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre located in Clareview Recreation Centre in northeast Edmonton. This Centre offers students an opportunity to upgrade their high school diploma. The Centre is open to all 4th and 5th year high school students. For more information and to register online go to or call 780-944-2002.

The RAP/CTS Scholarships are designed to recognize the accomplishments of Alberta high school students in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) apprenticeship pathways, and to encourage these students in continue and complete their apprenticeship training. The application deadline is June 30, 2016. A copy of the 2016 application is in the library.

Athabasca University has moved to an online calendar for the 2016-2017 year. For the most up-to-date list of courses go to or

The Pixel Blue College 2016-2017 calendar has arrived. This year’s calendar provides information on full time diploma programs in 2D Character Animation & Illustration, 3D Animation & Modeling, Digital Audio Production, and Graphic Design. More information is available in the Career Corner or go to

Welcome to yconic, the re-branded StudentAwards. Yconic helps students through every step of their unique academic journey. By becoming an yconic member you enjoy free matching to over $170 million in scholarships across Canada and the USA. You also gain member-exclusive access to scholarships, contests and offers on Becoming an yconic member is quick and easy. Creating a profile takes less than a minute and yconic will take care of all of the tedious scholarship research for you. Go to today.

The Red Deer College Summer Arts School calendar is now available. Sessions run Monday to Friday from July 4 to 29, 2016. For more information go to MusiCamp Alberta - This provincial overnight summer music workshop is taking place July 24-30, July 31-August 6, and August 7-13 at the Red Deer College Arts Centre. MusiCamp Alberta offers musical instruction second to none and a summer artistic and personal transformation that will last a lifetime. Students live on campus in the residence facilities consisting of apartment-style accommodations. You can register online at or call 1-888-886-2787 (toll free). Registration forms are also available in the library.

YouthWrite – “a camp for kids who love to write…just about anything!” This camp provides opportunities for youth to express themselves through the arts which includes visual, performing, dance, musical, and theatre as a springboard to their writing. YouthWrite also focuses on building literacy, critical and creative thinking, and leadership skills. Some scholarships are offered for youth in financial need. Kamp Kiwanis (Bragg Creek) runs from July 3-8, 2016. Deadline to register is June 15th. Bennett Centre Camp in Edmonton offers a day camp or overnight camp from July 10-15, 2016. Deadline to register is June 22nd. More information in the library.

Looking for post-secondary information? Want to see the latest U of A, Lakeland College or MacEwan University calendar? Need a resume? Come to the Andrew School Career Corner for all your career and post-secondary school needs. You will find calendars for most Alberta post-secondary institutions, plus many out-of-province school calendars as well. There are free publications designed to help you plan your future, find a job, plus information on job safety, financial planning, employment forecasts, etc. There are publications to help you design your resume, write a cover letter, apply for a scholarship, and so much more. A great database for students looking for scholarships, bursaries, grants and student awards is Can’t decide what post-secondary school to attend, go to to compare programs, pre-reqs and costs all in one place. Stop by the library and see all that the Career Corner has to offer!

Alberta Career and Industry Outlook : Economic and Other Trends Affecting the World of Work - This publication explores the global and provincial trends affecting Alberta's economy and society. These trends have an impact on occupations in the province and knowing about them can affect business and career planning decisions.

Assessing You: The First Step in Career Planning - A self-assessment workbook to help you learn about the skills and assets you have that will help you adapt in today's world of work. Read about the skills employers are looking for and work on exercises that will help identify your own strengths. Includes suggestions for keeping track of your skills and ideas for repackaging your career assets to suit your current needs. By the end of the book you will have developed a summary of personal assets that will help you with future career choices.

Career Coaching Your Teens : A Guide for Parents  - This guide offers practical ideas and resources to help parents support their teens as they explore career options and make informed career decisions. This Alberta version has been modified from the resource A Career Development Resource for Parents: Helping Parents Explore the Role of Coach and Ally, developed by the Canada Career Information Partnership (CCIP).

Career Planner: Choosing an Occupation - How do you decide what occupation is right for you? Take the five steps to a new career path. This plain language workbook is full of exercises and tips to work through the steps. It covers all of your questions:

  • What am I doing right now?
  • What do I need to know?
  • What are my best choices?
  • What do I need to do now?
  • What actions will I take?

Going Somewhere? Live/Learn/Work - Thinking about your life after high school? Going Somewhere? is about you and your future—your next five minutes, your next two weeks, your next two years. It’s a quick introduction to career development for young people. The articles inside help you discover your interests, passions, skills and strengths so you can begin to plan your life, learning and work.

A Guide for New Job Seekers: For Youth and Newcomers to the Workplace - A guide to finding work for people who are new to the job search process. It features a skills inventory based on Conference Board of Canada Employability Skills 2000+, sample cover letters and resumes, tips for completing an application form and interview preparation questions. Also features information on scannable resumes.

Lasting Gifts : Parents, Teens and the Career Journey - "There are only two lasting things that we can give our children. One is roots, the other is wings." Lasting Gifts gives parents a wise, warm, supportive framework for helping their teens prepare for the challenges ahead. Chapters are based on the High Five messages: Change is Constant, Follow Your Heart, Focus on the Journey, Be an Ally, and Stay Learning. Practical exercises help parents and teens sort out their respective values and dreams. 

Making Sense of Labour Market Information - If you're not sure what labour market information is, why you need it or where to find it, then this book is for you. It provides examples of how to use labour market information when making career, learning or employment decisions.

Money 101 : Budgeting Basics for Further Education - How are you going to pay for studies at a Canadian college or university? Read Money 101 to learn about the realities of financing your education. Money 101 offers straight talk about why you should invest in further education, how to set personal goals and how to figure out what your education will cost.  The book offers suggestions on ways to pay for it, budgeting, banking and avoiding the pitfalls of plastic, and stretching your $$$. Students share their experiences with handling money.

Multiple Choices : Planning Your Career for the 21st Century - Every day you are making multiple choices on this journey called life. This book will help you become comfortable with your choices along the way and provide you with the career building knowledge and skills you need to make decisions more easily. Practical exercises help you clarify your dreams, identify your skills and assets and recognize attitudes and beliefs that either support or hinder you on your life's journey.

Stretch Your Dollars : Budgeting Basics - Would you like to get as much as possible from each dollar you have? This publication, produced by Money Mentors, will guide you through the budget process. Includes helpful tips and suggestions on how to cut your expenses, boost your income and access useful information, services and programs.

Time to Choose...a Post-Secondary Education Program - Planning to take further education in Alberta? Time to Choose offers up-to-date information on post-secondary education options in Alberta including types of programs, profiles of post-secondary institutions, application information and more.

Trades in Alberta - This is an easy-to-read publication for low literacy individuals that are interested in learning about the trades or working within the trades as a career choice. Through answering two major questions - What are the trades? and How do people enter the trades? readers explore various trade options such as welder, mechanic, hairstylist, carpenter and cook through the stories of 7 people.

Training for Work - Training for Work offers creative alternatives to the traditional full-time classroom setting. Take advantage of opportunities that will maximize your training options and consider how mentoring, volunteering, self-study, short-term courses and on-the-job training will boost your employability.

Women in Non-Traditional Occupations : Stories to Inspire - With more than 30,000 occupations to consider, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Be inspired by stories of Alberta women who took the non-traditional career path, and learn about their struggles and rewards along the way. These women did it, and you can too! Also includes resource information for career planning, education planning and scholarships.

Workability : What You Need to Get & Keep a Job - This handbook provides practical information about key skills and attitudes required by job seekers in today's job market. It includes activities to self-assess current skills and develop the skills and attitudes needed for success in the workplace.

X-treme Safety : A Survival Guide for New and Young Workers - This handbook for young, inexperienced workers is packed with information about workplace health and safety regulations, rights and responsibilities. Through personal stories, quizzes and checklists, youth gain the information they need to contribute to working in a safe, healthy and fair work environment. The book includes a detachable bookmark that can be used as a reminder for youth to take charge before they take on the job world.

Your Rights and Responsibilities at Work - The provincial and federal governments have many rules that must be followed in the Alberta workplace before you start working, while you are on the job and when you leave your employer. Find answers to questions about your employment responsibilities and entitlements on the job, including regulations for employment standards such as wages, termination and vacation pay, legislation on human rights and workplace health and safety, and information on privacy.