Elementary and Secondary School Programs


Early Childhood Services

            The Andrew School ECS Program consists of 475 hours of instruction per year. It is supported by a 0.534 FTE teacher and a very active volunteer roster. Additional Educational Assistant time is provided as well.


            The students of Andrew School receive a staple of basic courses - language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and health, and optional courses in art and music. 

            The focus in the elementary grades is placed upon a sound foundation in language arts and mathematics.  A great deal of emphasis in language arts is placed upon reading, writing, and spelling. A Reading Month and Reading Week with related activities motivate students to read. A balanced approach to the language arts program at Andrew is the key to its implementation.  Balanced Literacy provides a framework for early literacy instruction.  It is designed to meet a range of students' instructional needs within a regular classroom. 

            In mathematics, problem-solving and basic computations are integral components of student learning. 

            Students in ECS are exposed to the educational use of computers.  Computer time increases at each grade level.  Students are expected to be able to generate written reports on the computer in language arts and social studies.  The use of computers is introduced through subject areas and is not dealt with as an individual, isolated subject.

            All students from ECS to Grade 6 have a swimming component to the Physical Education Program.  The students are enrolled in six forty minute lessons during the early fall at the Vegreville Aquatic Centre. 

            Students are recognized in a number of ways.  The annual Celebration of Learning recognizes the achievements of student throughout the year.  Furthermore, throughout the year students are referred to the office to receive commendations for a variety of achievements and contributions. 

Secondary School Programs     

Junior High

            Students in junior high school study language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and physical education and health; and such complementary courses as  FSL (French as a Second Language), CTS (Fabrics & Design, Food Studies, Information Processing, Construction & Technology), Drama, and Art.

 Senior High

            All courses necessary for meeting Alberta Education's requirements for a high school diploma and to meet most university entrance requirements are available at the school.  Class enrolments are low which necessitates combined classes (eg. Social 10-1 and Social 10-2 are taught at the same time by the same teacher).

            Students may also enrol in Distance Learning Programming which allows them to select from a greater variety of courses.  These courses are completed in school under the supervision of a teacher. This opportunity has been in existence for some time and has been very successful. 

            Students are also able to enrol in work experience and/or the Green Certificate Program


            At Andrew, each junior high student has an opportunity to take complimentary courses in Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Drama, and in Computers. The senior high students participate  in more advanced programming in these areas.

            The use of technology is emphasized at the junior/senior high level.  Social studies and language arts teachers have their students generate reports and/or essays on the word processing program. Students in all core courses are able to access a computer during class to do research and many other learning activities. Our school also has wireless Internet access so students are able to bring their computers from come and access the Internet.

            Students at the secondary level may join such extracurricular activities as golf, volleyball, basketball, curling, badminton, and track.  We also have a vibrant intramural program.