Athletic Policies

Parent and Fan Policy

Athletic Event Policies and Guidelines:

Please be informed of the following policy put into place to protect players, coaches and staff during sporting events.

1. No parents or family members will be allowed on the courts during practices and games.  All spectators must remain in the spectator viewing area and not interfere with the coaching instruction during events.

2. All comments from the spectator viewing area must be supportive and positive of the mission of the Wildcat Athletics. 

3. If you do not agree with the actions or coaching of team staff you have the option to email the principal of the school the next day.  By no means will you try to intervene with the practice, game or communication between the coaching staff or school staff and players. 

Please be aware that coaching staff and teachers are held accountable through school and EIPS policies. 

Parent and Player Expectations

With playing on teams, there are certain expectations of all individuals involved.

As for expectations, we have the following expectations of players:

  -Be in attendance in school daily

  -complete all assignments and projects on time

  -be in attendance at all practices and participate in all Athletics events including games, tournaments, awards night, Alberta highway clean up and the "Run for the Bus".  

 We also would like to remind parents and guardians of their expectations:

 -Keep all comments positive at all competitions

 -Aid in the development of your student athlete by ensuring they attend all classes regularly, complete assigned work and attend all practices, games and events.  All events are always posted on the Andrew School website calendar and are available in hard copies

 -Allow coaching staff to do their job.  Some coaches have different methods of coaching.  We are trying to teach systems to the teams, systems in Junior High that will transfer to high school.  Interference from fans, parents and others during games only confuses players when they are receiving mixed messages.

As for the year upcoming please be reminded and mark your calendars for the Highway clean up, the first Saturday in May, the 2nd.  This is a very important day in Athletics fundraising and requires many volunteers. Every year we raise over $4000 which aids in keeping fees low and team wear accessible for all.  Also be reminded of the “Run for the Bus”, Saturday, June 6th.  This day is also a very important day in the Wildcats season as monies raised pay for travel costs associated with the bus and the teams.  Without this day team fees would be much higher for transporting students to and from games. 

 Please make sure you have paid your school fees as well as your athletic fees.  Any fees handed in to the athletic department are turned over to the school and applied to school fees first.  Please ensure you have both fees paid as these fees cover the costs of tournaments, league fees and equipment used by teams.  Fees are very important to the running of both the school and the school teams. 

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to stop in and see me at any time.

Mr. Hazelhurst

Athletic Director