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Letter to Families 4 Day Schedule

April 27, 2020


Dear Andrew School Families


At a meeting of the board of trustees of Elk Island Public Schools last Thursday, the board passed a motion to explore an alternative calendar for Andrew School. This calendar would be one where students would attend classes Monday to Thursday from 8:15-3:50, with no school on Friday. The trustees are interested to know if our community would view this as an attractive option for Andrew and area families. To gauge interest, I will be conducting a short survey via telephone to discuss this idea with your family over the next few days. All students require 955 hours of instruction per year. There are two ways to achieve this.


Monday-Friday schedule


Bus arrives 8:00

School starts at 8:15

Recess 9:45-10:00

Lunch 11:36-12:16

School ends at 2:24

Bus leaves 2:35


Monday to Thursday schedule


Bus arrives 8:00

School starts at 8:15

Recess 10:15-10:30

Lunch 12:30-1:05

Recess 2:25-2:40

School ends 3:50

Bus leaves at 4:00


Each family will have their own reasons why they may prefer one schedule to the other. Please take some time to consider the idea of a 4 day schedule. Please note this is just an information gathering exercise. The board of trustees will receive the feedback as information at their next board meeting.




Greg Cruickshank, M.Ed. – Principal

Andrew School



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