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November School Council Minutes

Andrew School Parent Council Nov 29, 2018 Meeting Minutes

1. Call to order 3:40 - Janell

In Attendance Janell Yaremie, Anna-Lee Laderoute, Heather Corbin, Karn Kuhmayer, Robert
Kuhmayer, Madeline Wendorer, John Wendorer, Julie Karaoghlanian, bria Shulko, Colleen
Holowaychuk -Trustee, Greg Cruickshank, Kelly Doyle

2.Agenda approval - Anna-Lee motion to accept, Heather 2nd, All in Favor.

3. Adopt previous minutes. - Kelly the Secretary read minutes and made a motion to accept the
minutes from last meeting, Anna-Lee 2nd, All in Favor.

4. Treasurer Report - See attached.

5. Principal Report - See attached. Going to get 2nd quote on the white bus repairs. Asking for
$200 for PJ day healthy snacks.

6. Christmas Raffle Donations - Boy Basket, Girl Basket, Adult Basket. Each Parent Council
Exec to donate $15 to a basket to get baskets going.

7. Christmas Store Dates - Dec 10th pm and Dec 11 All day. Anna-Lee doing the shopping.
Kids get to shop for family members. Volunteers needed to help kids shop and wrap presents.

8.Christmas Skating Party - Dec 20th. Mr Hazelhurst organizing field trip forms.

9. High School Consultation - info available on Click Andrew School Consultation
and green “Share Your Thoughts” button to add your input on the issue. Info from the board will
come in January once all the input and opinions are gathered.

10. Trustee Report - Busy month reviewing Accountability Pillar reports for the district. EI
finished and approved fall budget of 203 million. Bus drivers are now required to take the MELT
program training. An increase of $85,000 for the district to pay for this training.

11. Janell made motion to give $100 to school for PJ day snacks, the other $100 should be
available from the donations for the monthly all school meal. Kelly 2nd, All in Favor.
Mr. Cruickshank to look into how much in donations have been made so far.

12. Date & Time of Next meeting Jan 17th @ 3:45.

13. Meeting adjourned - 5:30 pm

October 2018 School Council Minutes

Andrew School Parent council Meeting Minutes October 16, 2018

In attendance: Kelly Doyle, Cheryl DeVries, Trustee Colleen Holowaychuk, Sandra Marianicz, Julie
Karaoghlanian, Chantayne Fisher, Lance Goudie, April Burback, Jocelyn Lamash,
Anna-Lee Laderote, Janell Yaremie

1. Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions Janell called to order 3:54

2. Approval of Agenda - Anna-Lee motion to accept, Sandra 2nd, All in Favor.

3. Adopt previous minutes - Secretary Kelly read the minutes from last meeting, Kelly made a motion to
accept the minutes from the previous meeting and Janell 2nd, All in Favor.

4. Treasurer Report - Anna-Lee presented the treasurer report, see attached.

5. Principal Report - Cheryl DeVries spoke about the 2018-2022 School Education Plan, see attached.
Student council has met twice. Mr Goudie and Mrs Fisher attend for teacher support. They will be helping
with Halloween and spirit days. Nov 7 they are holding a minute to win it event.

6. Program Fund Development Report and Discussion. School Admin Requests have been put on hold to
see if the library board can cover any of the costs. Principal will send us spreadsheet with requests for
equipment. Casino needs more volunteers, only have 2 currently.

7. Harvest Lunch update - getting forms back for helpers. Groceries purchased. Some donations have came
into the office for monthly hot lunch, principal not sure of current total.

8. Halloween Activities - Student Council to help. Teachers confirmed timeline for events on the 31st.
Pumpkins arrive Monday am, Decorating pumpkins Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday Pumpkin voting,
Pumpkins home on Halloween, Top 4 winners will be announced Nov 1st and will win family bowling

9. Trustee Report - Colleen said that the board is asking for community input on the future of our highschool
section of the school. They are beginning the consultation process with staff, community, and students to
ask for input. The board will be talking with staff at the school on Oct 29th, Councillors in town on the
31st, and on Thursday Nov 22 at 6pm at Andrew School in the gym there will be a community - All
Welcome - round table discussion with the board and the community. She emphasized that the school is
not closing, and this is not on the table. We need to look at what is the best for our kids. Parents at the
meeting suggested that we need student input separate from when parents or teachers are presents to
get their honest opinions.

10. Next meeting Nov 29 @ 3:30 pm at Andrew School.

11. Meeting Adjournment - 5:19 Janell

September 20, 2018 Letter From Chair

September 20, 2018

Dear Families of Andrew School,

I would like to personally thank everyone who made it to our first meeting and elections for the current school year.
Your attendance in our monthly meetings is very important, as parents play a vital role in the development and education of their children and the success of schools. Parents are the most important influence in a child's life outside of school. Long after direct learning from parents in a child's early years gives way to formal education, parents continue to play a key role in student success through the attitudes they help to shape and the direct support they provide.
Research indicates that good schools become better schools when there is a strong connection with parents as part of the learning community. The positive results of a genuine partnership between parents and schools include improved student achievement, reduced absenteeism, better behaviour, and restored confidence among parents in their children's schooling.

Andrew School Council (ASC) meetings have a unique role to play in bringing parents and schools together in partnership. As parents and community members themselves, Our ASC meetings provide an important bridge between our school staff and parents.

ASC has a very busy year ahead of us. Our goal for this year is to increase our presence in the school and school functions. We are also hoping to have an increase in parental involvement. We encourage everyone to attend our monthly meetings and to share ideas, concerns, and opinions that they may have.

Your 2018/2019 ASC Chair,

Janell Yaremie 780)935-3890(c) email: