School Activities


Our grade 3-4 class were able to watch the development of Butterflies and then release them in our playground. What an amazing project!

Alien/Space/UFO Day

We had some very scary Aliens in school today!

Mother's Day Lunch!

It was so wonderful to have the school full of our Moms, Grandmas, Nanas, Babas, and Aunties today. Thank you so much to Bev Facey High School for catering our lunch and to our amazing School Council who also supported this fantastic event. Thank you to Ms. Kerr for getting everything organized!

We Support our Health Care Workers.

Our grade 3-4 class wrote Thank You notes that were sent to our Health Care Workers.

Friday Fun Days!

The last couple week we have done a Decades Theme day and a Hat Day. We also wore blue on Apr 8 to raise awareness of Autism.

Easter at Andrew School

Our student had many activities during our Easter season. They made Easter basket, designed eggs, made bunny glasses, had an egg hunt and made Paska. It was so nice to have parents and volunteers in to help with the Paska making.

St Patrick's Day / Leprechaun Traps

We had so many amazing Leprechaun traps brought to the school this year. We still weren't able to catch that sneaky Leprechaun. Maybe next year!

This years winners were:

Most likely to catch a Leprechaun: Merle

Best Art work: Sofia

Best us of technology: We had a tie between Janie & Caysen

Best Original Work: Brenna

Best Overall: Hailey



Letters to Ukraine

Our grade 3-4 class have been busy writing letters of support to soldiers in Ukraine.

We support the Ukraine

It’s with great sadness we’ve watched events unfold in Ukraine this past week. Canada has the third-largest Ukrainian population outside of Ukraine and Russia, and nowhere are those deep roots more prevalent than here on the prairies. Ukrainian descendants reside and thrive throughout the rural and urban areas of Alberta.

Our school showed our support for the Ukraine by wearing Blue & Yellow on March 1, 2022.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast

Everyone enjoyed a pancake breakfast on Tuesday March 1, 2022. A special thank you to Charlene and Erika from Servus Credit union for coming out to help with the preparations.

Pink Shirt Day

Wearing pink shirts reminds us to be kind every day.  Andrew School has some of the kindest students and staff I know.

Pizza Party!

The grade 5/6 class picked the perfect day to have a pizza party - Valentine's Day! Thank you for your participation in our Christmas hamper program!

Disney Day

Mickey Mouse and his friends joined us at school today.

Beach Day

We are all ready for some warm weather 

Winter Storms

It may be cold outside, but it’s hot in the kitchen! With help from Mrs. Andruchow, our students are learning amazing life lessons! How to use measurement to make the perfect cookie and muffin!

2021 Food Bank

Thank you for all the donations! Over 1,500 items were brought in. This is amazing for a little school like ours! A special thank you to the Andrew Rainbow club for supporting our program. Also a huge thank you to St. George's Anglican Church Ladies Club for the cash donation. The Grade 5/6 class won the pizza party, but all students had a sundae party before Christmas break.

Twins Day!

Today was twin day at our school or dress like a friend day. We even have some triplets!

Tech Gurus!

While our teachers are working collaboratively, our students are learning how to use code, build online worlds, connect with others while listening to seasonal read alouds, and really just becoming super tech gurus! #minecrafteducation #scratchjr

Jersey Day!

We have a lot of Oilers fans in our school!

Tie Dye Day!

Our school is very colorful with all our tie dye clothes today!

Remembrance Day 2021

Our students were busy doing art work to commemorate Remembrance day. They also brought in pictures and stories about their family members that served in the military.

Starbucks Anyone?

No better way to start the day than with a Starbucks (Hot Chocolate) and a good book.

Denim Day!

Everyone had a great day wearing their comfy jeans!

Orange Shirt Day

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was recognized by our school with everyone wearing orange shirts. We also shared our artwork with businesses around town emphasizing "All Children Matter"!

Terry Fox Run

So proud of our school for raising over $1,750 for cancer research. Thank you everyone for supporting our students.