Supply Lists

If you are planning for next school year here are the supply lists. Each list reflects that maximum we can say is required, but you are always welcome to purchase more, if you see it necessary. Feel free to print the lists and take to wherever you normally purchase your supplies. 

ECS School Supplies

Grade 1-2 School Supplies

Grade 3-6 School Supplies

Jr High School Supplies

High School Supplies

If you want to save some time you can pre-order through Staples with their prepackaged kits. Please note that the lists of items in the packages are above what is required.  These items will be delivered to the school at the end of August. There is more information included in the letter for each grade.

2018-19 Kindergarten Supply List

2018-19 Grade 1/2 Supply List

2018-19 Grade 3/4 Supply List

2018-19 Grade 5/6 Supply List